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"The Love of a Woman"
Book review in Magdalene Matters, Cambridge, Issue 34, November 2011

"With the heart, page after page"
Lorella Bolelli in Il Resto del Carlino, Bologna (Italy), 24 June 2005
Interview with the author

"Let's give ourselves more airs ... A writer's word"
Letizia Gamberini in Bolognaviva, Bologna (Italy), 21 September 2004
Interview with the author

Review of "La Logica della Solitudine"
Christopher Rollason (MA, Cambridge; Ph.D, York)
Based on the speech given by Dr. Christopher Rollason at the official launch of the book at the Pendragon bookstore (Bologna), on 21 September 2004.

Press articles for the launch of the book La Logica della Solitudine