by Letizia Gamberini -Bolognaviva

The book is entitled "La logica della solitudine" ("The logic of loneliness") and is Rosarita Cuccoli's new novel. To tell the truth, it is also her first novel; the young writer, indeed, made her literary debut in 1998, with the poetry collection "L'amore più profondo" ("The deepest love"). Rosarita is from Bologna, she lives in Paris and works in the domain of international relations. The story of a difficult love, set in Cambridge, her novel offers several cues for a reflection on the complexity of human relationships and the difficulty of communicating. This is precisely where the title comes from: "The sensation of loneliness, which does not necessarily correspond to real loneliness, pushes us to make certain choices. I also wanted to remove a certain patina of romanticism, in the worst sense of the word." No sentimentalisms, then, but real feelings. All female.

Let's hear, directly, the author's words, after the presentation of her book at the Pendragon Bookstore.

- First of all, a few words on your relationship with Bologna. You currently live abroad, but how much has your native town counted in your forming, including your literary universe?
"My bond with Bologna is visceral, as has to be the case with a person who was born there and lived there for almost thirty years. Even if I spent fifteen years abroad, I would still be Bolognese. I haven't turned into a "Franco-Italian" because I live in France, I am always a Bolognese who lives in France."

- You work in a non-literary domain: has writing always been present in your life, or is it a passion you have recently discovered?
"It is true that I have another occupation, but there is a common factor and this is precisely writing, researching. I deal with information, which means that I am always drawn to read and find out things, and to write, since I am also the content editor of a website.
I have always written because I have always enjoyed it. Not always novels or poems, there has been an evolution, because I thought it would be interesting to understand, by the means of writing, what feelings are. Writing will hardly be resolutive for me, it is rather a pathway. There are no answers in my pages, but a search in the unexplored areas of consciousness".

- You have easily moved from poetry to prose: what can you tell us in this regard?
"It is very difficult for authors to talk about themselves without running the risk of being somehow pompous or falsely modest. What I can say is that also in prose, which is an extension of verse into something more finished, I try anyway not to waste words.
It is crucial that each and every word has its weight and one doesn't use one more word unless it is needed. And this is not easy if one wants to preserve clarity, because the author has a clear concept in mind, but this has to be equally clear for the reader."

- To conclude, let's go back to Bologna. How do you assess the literary scene of your city?
"It certainly is, along with Turin, which is particularly lively in that sense, a rising phenomenon, more than other cities. Compared to its size, its cultural weight is in fact, in a positive sense, disproportionate, this making it an absolutely unique place. I live abroad, I lived in England before, and I must say we should give ourselves more airs".

Rosarita Cuccoli’s website is: www.rosaritacuccoli.com